baish (seduceastranger) wrote,

Desire INSIGHT to the SCANDAL?

COMMENT to be added.
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Add me? Please?
Yep!* =)
sarness..i haven't talked to you in a year or's crazy..i guess i'll talk to ya when school starts on the stupid second of january...
So we can go back two stupid days?! It's nuts.
LOG IN to livejournal and you'll be able to see ALL of my entries instead of just this one babe..
I know it will take time and I am willing to wait on him. And he is getting alot of attention from me since Friday. But I think that we are both benifiting! :P Amber
Aw ;] that's good to hear hun... I know how happy you've been this past yearish or so, so don't let him go ;]
Just a random user popping in to say hello. :)

'Tis okay if I add you?
Yes! Add me! CHA CHING!
Ya know what I seen that stupid post you wrote about vocational school and you're completely wrong you dumb kid. Gees when you come here you don't wipe ass and clean bed pans you come here to learn stuff. Gahh stupid kids like you need hit by a bus!! x 39437598375985798!!!! Yeah take that and shove it where you don't like it!! haha!
Oh yeah...Seduce a stranger...makes you sound like a dirty whore.. =)


13 years ago


13 years ago

Alert! Journal switch; inlikeplastic will no longer be in service. *pelts with pudding balloon* ;)
haha no pelting!
YOur guy seems great.. You should be proud.. Be good to him
what? where did you read about him? my lj is friends only?

Re: Hmm


13 years ago

heyhey . . i hope you get my post. . add me? i like ur journal
Hey, I know this is crazy, but if you choice not to have an abortion and give the child up give me a holla. My mom is always talking about wanting a baby. But she had an abortion and it screwed her up. I was adopted a 4 days old, and would love to have sib.
Thanks, Jonneatha
Hey you dont know me but i loooove your Icons! Add me? <333-Cass


November 9 2004, 14:31:12 UTC 12 years ago

whats wrong with flag twirling pole dancers?
you should join ilovemypet.
Pick me Sara!! Pick me!!!!
This is the best resource out there for homeschooling that I know of.

It uses the classical method that has been time-tested to produce the best kinds of people and minds for over 2000 years.
Are you from Oklahoma?

Re: hmm


12 years ago

Hi I saw a post of yours on a homeschooling community, and if you are still interested in becoming homeschooled, I was wondering if you wanted to talk on aim or something, because I am also a junior and my mother and I are considering the same thing. I just thought it might be usefull to talk to someone who is in the same boat :) you can message me on aim at SamanthaDollX or you can email me at


Hey came across your journal, love the pink and your interests made me laugh, and thought I'd friend ya...add me back? Thankes
i can never figure out how to read just YOUR livejournal... why is it so god damn confusing ... sara you know drugs and confusion don't mix very out home dog


September 22 2005, 13:58:38 UTC 11 years ago


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why did u delete me?? If it is b/c I stopped updating I understand ... but I am updating again WHOOHOOOOOOO .... add me back :D
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